Deep Relaxation, Healing, & Connecting with Oneself…

Crystal Tones are of the highest quality singing bowls.

Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls

As the bowls are played, one enters “into the world of music therapy”. The goal “is to reduce stress and pain, promote deep relaxation, develop self-awareness and creativity, improve learning and clarify personal values. On an even deeper level, the song that emanates from the bowls provides healing through sound. Sound healing is effective because everything is constantly vibrating; the colors you see, the sounds you hear, the feelings you emote, everything from the atomic level to the farthest reaches of the galaxy has a vibration.” ~Crystal Tones. That includes organs, muscles, and brain cells and when all is in harmony…health becomes the natural state of the body. See Classes and Retreats .

Meditating along the Ganges River, India

Laura Penn Gallerstein

Inspiring, dynamic and refreshing, Laura’s intuitive nature and her decades of training and implementation, provides a very broad and dynamic knowledge base for her teaching, leadership and connection workshops.

Laura is completely dedicated to assisting others in deepening their spirituality and ultimately discovering their divine purpose. More About Laura.

Yoga Classes and Kayaking
in Baja California, Mexico

Moving Spirit Classes & Retreats

Moving spirit, an energized motion, best describes Laura Penn Gallerstein’s work with Yoga, Sound Healing, Dance, Pilates, hiking, the outdoors, and her ability to integrate movement into her work with intuition and spiritual guidance. See Classes and Retreats for her teleclasses, classes, and retreats.


Hi Laura,
I was lucky to attend your recent workshop at Santa Monica Yoga…I did not get the opportunity to thank you personally for such a beautiful experience so I’m doing it now. Relaxing yes, soothing, yes, but also reinvigorating and sustaining. I loved the crystal bowls and your chakra work. I’ve sent a note to Bruce Bair expressing my enthusiasm and hoping you’ll come back soon. If you schedule another of these Sound Healing workshops anywhere in LA, I want to be there. Please add me to your list. Peace! ~Alexandra Morgan